Sarah Jo  is an American musician, singer and songwriter. Born in Waco, TX, she now resides in Music City, USA (Nashville, TN). 

Quirky Pop-Rock anthems, emotional Power Ballads and groovy Love Songs. 

Sarah Jo  is putting her unique spin on pop rock music.

In 2016, she independently released her first pop single "Daydreams" followed by "Ready Set Go" on January 31, 2017.  Both singles are part of her debut studio album released on November 11, 2018.

From the time her fingers could press down the keys, Sarah Jo has been playing the piano. Knowing that raw talent isn't always enough, at the age of five, her parents provided her the opportunity to take music lessons and continued to throughout high-school. It wasn't long before she fell in love with using music as a form of creative expression. This led her to discover her talent for songwriting. After high-school, Sarah Jo enrolled in a Music Industry Careers program in Texas where she graduated with High Honors and a degree in Vocal Performance.  

Because Sarah Jo holds a deep appreciation for all genres of music, her sound is eclectic can be characterized as a stylish blend of Pop, Rock, Folk and Blues. "I enjoy listening to a surprisingly wide variety of music," she boasts, "anything from Classical and Jazz to Punk and Metal bands. I'm not really bias. I like it all."  

Music has been a lifelong passion motivated by Sarah Jo's love for creativity.  "It's a lifestyle. Sometimes life can be hard and music has a way of being there for us in those times like few other things can." 

Whether she is songwriting, performing, or recording in a studio, her hope is that the music she creates will provide listeners with something they can relate to or be inspired by.

"Sarah Jo has been playing piano from the time her fingers could press down the keys."

Sarah Jo

Sarah Jo

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